Gamifying the Induction Experience

Despite having more than 9,000 employees, there was no official induction programme for employees joining The Body Shop. When the company became part of the L’Oreal group, they were provided with an opportunity to review this situation and design an interactive induction system for use with all new starters.

Instead of a straight-forward, linear e-learning module, The Body Shop wanted to use cutting-edge technology which brought to life their values, aligned to the store experience and created curiosity around the content. They partnered with Cognify to create a bespoke online induction programme, iDiscovery, which uses gamification to engage new employees with the business.



Of new starters completing iDiscovery voluntarily undergo an in-store experience



EMEA employees rate iDiscovery as one of their top three integration enablers



% increase in new starters completing the self-guided parts of the induction

  • Cognify created a gamified online induction, iDiscovery, that uses in-store products to tell stories associated with the history, values, ethics and links to the wider L’Oreal group.
  • An exploratory environment was used to ensure that it was interactive and visually appealing for the user, with pleasant surprises throughout the experience.
  • The pre-start quiz allows user to progress further, faster once they get started, while also making the learning relevant to the user’s knowledge level.
  • Users are given the opportunity to dip in and out of sections as they choose, rather than being tied down to a prescribed page-by-page layout.
  • A series of codes that are revealed by completing real-world activities unlock new contextual parts of the induction, making the learning more personal.
  • There are two methods of entry, meaning the learning is relevant to non-new starters looking to expand their company knowledge further.

iDiscovery Unlock

“We want to ensure new employees are able to understand the heritage, values and ethics of The Body Shop in a fun and engaging way from day one. The iDiscovery tool enables just this by using gamification to create an interactive portal which reduces the time between an employee joining and moving into a store environment. We’re thrilled with the results!”

Sarah Spencer, International L&D at The Body Shop