Gamification for employee engagement

Our client, a global professional services company, had a particular challenge in retaining graduates after their first year qualification. With their qualification programme considered one of the ‘best in industry’, their graduates became exceptionally valuable to competitors and the lure of an immediate increase in salary led to a 60% loss of their graduate cohort every year.

They approached Cognify to understand whether their employee engagement software could in some way rectify this issue. Our client decided to pilot our most pioneering app to date, SynQ:Engage, a complete one-stop learning, employee engagement and gamification platform.




After a 12 month pilot, graduate attrition lowered to 47%, equating to 80 graduates sticking with the business



Of the graduates wanted to achieve more because they felt the app made them value their personal achievement and experience gained



 Felt that the app reframed their focus on wider developmental tasks when transitioning from academia to the workplace

  • Core subjects were defined by users’ business aspirations and goals.
  • In addition to learning, the app placed an emphasis on both experience and personal well-being. Gaining experience, developing soft skills and becoming more resilient as an employee unlocked new learning and growth opportunities.


“To see SynQ:Engage go-live and have such powerful effects on an audience was a real feather in our cap.  Our understanding of common talent development issues and our human-focused approach meant we were able to make an impactful difference within a very short period of time.”

Tim Hall, Managing Director at Cognify