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Putting the Fun into Disciplinary Training

With the legal service industry in a state of flux, lawyers are always looking to create added value for their clients. Whilst Gowling WLG already offered supplementary ways to support clients, for example the use of webinars and YouTube videos, they wanted to create a gamified e-learning offering which set a new standard for online learning within the legal services industry.

They appointed Cognify to create an e-learning tool which would be as effective as their face-to-face offering.




Increase in new client relationships, and positive media coverage secured the learning has proven to be a genuine example of the company’s innovative approach in practice.



Of learners who complete the course repeat it just to beat their own score.



Of people managers felt confident to start tackling HR issues, and know when to contact HR for support.

  • The learning uses real-world examples and case studies to design practical e-learning courses on a wide range of HR issues – from disciplinary hearings to performance management
  • Users are presented with scenarios where they have the autonomy to make decisions and see the consequences of their choices.
  • The experience emphasises critical thinking and situational responses rather than multiple choice question.
  • Users are engaged through experiential learning and gamification techniques.
  • Personalised feedback – learning adapts to users’ responses and experiences while keeping the learning outcomes consistent for all.


“We knew that to get a competitive edge we needed to do more than the webinars and videos. Gamification is a bit of a brave new world for us but we were determined to find a way of presenting employment law in a way that was more engaging and interactive than simply transferring classroom style training online. It’s really paid off; people say to us, ‘I can’t believe lawyers did this!’

Jemma O’Reilly, Principle Associate at Gowling WLG