Gamification of learning is less about games and more about human-focused design

Contrary to its name, gamified e-learning focuses its approach on the person rather than the game aspect. The human-focused approach, unique to Cognify, emphasises the individual needs of the learner. It delivers a tailored intervention which engages your employees and is adapted to their specific learning needs.

Cognify’s e-learning encourage engagement, speed up learning and make the process fun for employees. This results in real, measurable benefits for your organisation.


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How does gamified e-learning work?

Using gamification within learning is about far more than simply implementing an e-learning module with scenarios and characters, or using badges and leaderboards.
An effective application of game theory and mechanics considers the fundamental motivators of employees – the best uses of gamification in learning will therefore incorporate:

  • the learner’s autonomy to explore their own choices
  • the learner’s ability to demonstrate mastery of their knowledge or skill
  • an authentic purpose for learning
  • and the relatedness of the learner to their colleagues during the learning experience

By applying the correct game mechanics, gamified e-learning will encourage progress, heighten concentration levels and deliver a personalised learning experience. The gamification of learning engages people to learn – individually or as a group.


Gamification of learning has reduced onboarding time by up to 90%



Companies with gamified processes increase employee skills by more than 70%





Experiential learning made easy

Increase your employees’ motivation for autonomous learning by creating life-like narratives and experiences that allow them to explore their choices while delivering powerful, meaningful experiential learning.

Deliver personalised e-learning

Gamified e-learning is about individual development, whether it comes down to demonstrating expertise, providing autonomy or giving your employees a sense of purpose for learning.

At Cognify, we understand that successful learning is rooted in the human-focused approach, and we deliver personalised content based on each employee’s experience and background.

We identify the needs and characteristics of individual users, implementing suitable mechanics designed to enhance and stimulate these. The individual receives a uniquely tailored experience, ensuring they feel valued and continue to develop themselves in line with company goals.





Inspire Action

Combining real-world activity with your e-learning interventions will engage employees with all aspects of blended learning. Our unique gamified e-learning technology will enable you to integrate all aspects of the learning cycle into the digital learning experience, ensuring that all employees strive to progress through their training, whether self-guided or mandated.




Those who study through adaptive learning platforms understand content 50% quicker and perform the same or better in comparison to traditional learning methods



61% believe adaptive learning has “great potential” to make a positive impact on development



By 2020, 46% of the workforce will be made up of millenials – demanding bespoke learning experiences for their needs

(Source: UNC Business School)