Motivate employees like never before with our enterprise gamification platform

Using gamification provides an effective solution to one of the most common problems in business – a lack of engagement and motivation among staff. By combining cutting-edge gaming technology with a human-focused design approach, our gamification platform has been proven to be unrivalled in both performance and results.

Whatever your business goals, our gamification platform will motivate your employees to fulfil their potential.


What Is Gamification?

Gamification in business isn’t about playing games. Put simply, it’s the use of game mechanics and game theory in non-game contexts. By carefully applying these game elements, you can tap into users’ inner motivations and desires to drive participation. Gamification is human-focused design.


See how a workplace can be transformed by gamification



Think gamification only works for generation Y? Think again!



Average gamer age is 31


48% all gamers are female


72% Gamers are 19+


We can gamify process within the workplace

Whether you’re creating a long-term learning programme, delivering a business transformation project or planning to make your onboarding process more engaging, gamification provides the perfect solution because it aligns employees to your company goals while motivating them to discover their own potential.

At Cognify, we begin by identifying your core business objectives and then we select the most suitable set of game mechanics for your employees. When the solutions are eventually rolled out, you’ll see the results in real time and instantly experience the benefits of gamification.

Whatever your business goals, we’ll work with you to ensure they’re achieved.


Get the best out of your LMS, ERP and HR systems

If users do not adopt a new or existing learning system, the loss of investment can be huge. This is why Cognify’s gamification platforms are so popular with employers – with our seamless, code-free integration and intuitive approach, we can increase engagement by as much as 427%.

Furthermore, employees can be autonomous in their learning and development, resulting in unequalled ROI for your business.


Get meaningful data from employees

More than 70% of companies believe in the power of big data, and gamification has already established itself as the most efficient way to capture and analyse employee behaviour.

Our employee gamification platforms enable you to gain insight into how individual employees think or behave and generate meaningful analysis of their motivations. This analysis can be used to produce even more engaging and immersive experiences for your workforce across all aspects of the business.

With this detailed intelligence on employees, their behaviour and motivations, you’ll be able to devise a unique strategy that aligns with both your company’s goals and your employees’ personalities.