The key to successful gamification in business

The benefits of gamification for business are well documented – but it can easily backfire if you don't use it appropriately with the people you're trying to engage. That's why, through years of user testing, we've developed the four fundamental pillars to successfully applying gamification for motivating employees...

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Gamification = Human-Focused = Serious Fun

An average individual has just 621,000 hours in their lifetime. 15% of those will be spent at work – quite a scary thought. Therefore it makes sense that when you spend that many hours in the workplace, some of it should be enjoyable, even fun! Even popular author, Roald Dahl, wrote "Life is more fun if you play games" and who...

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What sort of gamer are you?

In recent years, as technology has infiltrated HR practices, gamification has moved steadily up the priority list. HR leaders now recognise the positive effect it can have upon areas such as engagement, productivity and innovation. In order to deliver long-term results, gamified applications must appeal to as wide a demographic as possible. As such four personality types, based on the well-known...

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